Important Mattress Purchasing Considerations

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After deciding on a mattress style, you will need to purchase and place an order for your new bed. Mattress information is available at Bestmattress-brand. For more information visit Since all mattress manufacturers and dealers operate differently, it is essential to consider the following aspects before placing your order:

  • Shipping and Delivery

Where can I arrange for the delivery of a mattress? Numerous mattress companies provide complimentary shipping. However, only a few mattress retailers offer free shipping throughout the United States. How long would it take to deliver a mattress? Mattresses are often shipped for free by third-party postal companies. In most cases, the projected wait time is three to seven business days but may be longer in remote places. Expedited delivery may be offered for an additional cost.

Is there a brand of mattress that offers in-home assembly? Certain firms provide a service dubbed “White Glove Distribution,” which includes mattress installation and garbage disposal in the home. While this service is not always complimentary, it usually costs at least $100 in addition to the purchase price. Is it feasible to get rid of the old mattress? Mattress companies who deliver by courier service may be able to remove the old mattress.

• Returns of a Sleep Trial

How does a sleep trial work? The great majority of mattress makers and merchants offer “sleep trials,” which allow buyers to sample a mattress for a specified amount of time and then return it for a refund if they are dissatisfied. How long are sleep trials? The typical sleep trial lasts 90 days. However, this varies per brand, ranging from 30 to 365 days. Only a select few mattress sellers provide lifelong returns, eliminating the requirement for a specialized sleep trial.

Is it feasible to exchange or return the mattress within the trial period? A mattress typically requires at least 30 nights to adapt to a person’s body. As a result, many sleep trials need a 30-night or more extended break-in period; consumers will be unable to return the mattress for a refund until this period has elapsed. Is it feasible to collaborate on sleep studies? In addition to refunds, a few sleep trials provide exchanges. For example, customers may exchange their mattress with different structures, heights, firmness, or a combination of these three characteristics.

Is it feasible to return an item for a full refund? Returns may be permitted in certain instances, but consumers may be asked to pay a return fee and cover the cost of return shipping and storage in others. For example, what happens to returned mattresses? Produced mattresses are seldom resold or reused. However, mattress makers will recycle or give abandoned mattresses to charitable organizations.

• Warranties

How long is a mattress warranty valid? With rare exceptions, most mattresses sold today come with some product guarantee. Most mattress manufacturers offer at least a ten-year warranty. This coverage might range from a few months to a lifetime. What is covered by a mattress warranty? Mattress warranties cover severe sagging/indentations in the mattress layers or cover and manufacturing defects. No warranty covers normal wear and tear bodily damage or changes in the owner’s bedding preferences.

Is it possible to get the guarantee on your mattress revoked? Numerous contracts provide that if the mattress is not used in conjunction with an appropriate support device, the guarantee will be void. The precise specifications will be given so that owners understand how to support their mattresses properly.

What is the cost of patching and installing a defective mattress? The contrast between non-prorated and prorated coverage is critical when it comes to mattress warranties. During the non-prorated era, owners can repair or replace a damaged mattress for little or no expense. Within the prorated time, owners must pay a proportion of the initial mattress price to repair or restore a damaged product. Prorated charges often increase with each passing year. Most ten-year warranties are not prorated; however, more prolonged guarantees typically include prorated and non-prorated coverage.

What does “limited warranty” mean? Most mattress warranties are limited, which means they cover just the initial purchaser of the mattress from the seller or an authorized brand reseller. Therefore, the mattress would be unprotected under guarantee regardless of whether it was purchased from the original owner or an unauthorized merchant.

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